Numbola is well known Housie game which is very popular in India. which can be played with real time players around the world.

Numbola Housie - Tambola- 90 ball bingo , Product Of RMG Technologies Pvt Ltd. Have fun playing Numbola Housie with your friends anytime, anywhere.

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Live Numbola
Live Numbola is Exciting Feature of Our Game.. where User experience new massive Live feel of housie - indian bingo that's First time introduced in this Format. Live Numbola Event rarely organized and created , whenever it Planned , will notify by Push notification and SMS.
Win Prizes
Numbola Launched Win prizes on every popular occasion and Festivals, its very popular Game format, users are waiting for that.Users can purchase tickets on the provided time frame and ready to play as simple as that.All information updated by notification and sms.
Friend’s Party
its basically for group of friends , kitty party , personal party where only group of people can connect and play, ticket cost is set by Party owner. very enjoyable game format for small groups , so you can play anywhere , anytime.
Festival Events
Festival Events is designed by Numbola for enjoy all festivals and celebrate more efficiently by surprising gifts and prizes. so Play Quick and Fast Numbola Housie-90 ball bingo.
Group Game Play
Numbola Housie is always planned surprising events for group of friends. we're Like the Super Friends. we're a highly animated Group. BE together always. Play Numbola Housie.
Numbola For all
Its started with the sound of.. you are playing with 4 tickets. the sound designed for normal Game play , normal people , designed silver Coins Concept for all.. Numbola provides Free silver coins daily to our users and enjoy Numbola daily. surely it will helps you to make your day more enjoyable.

Winners never Quit and Quitters never win - Be the Game Changer , Play Quick Numbola Housie anywhere anytime and Win Exciting Prizes.


Excellent Numbola game, I loved to play everytime.

Interesting game, tickets easily available ,got free chips every day and win prizes. Amazing

Amazing Numbola Game play

This game is totally awesome and I played maximum time.

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Galvanizing ArtsTwo
Galvanizing ArtsTwo
Galvanizing ArtsTwo
Galvanizing ArtsTwo
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